How easy is it to become a Reseller at MAZEVO…?

Joining Us is as Simple as, 1, 2, 3 with a “no” cost process

1. Send us what you need and give us as much or as little details you have

2. Our team will work with you to finalize your requirements. If necessary, we will send several communications back and forth

3. When we’re complete we will provide you with a free quote at reseller prices which you can also show to your customers


How to estimate the project cost?

Once you become our Reseller, we will provide you with ballpark figures for many of the standard services we offer. For many projects not listed, you can ask us to estimate pricing and we are happy to assist. Our pricing policy is basically uniform and once you get a hang of it you will be able to estimate your project costs independently. All we ask is that before providing final pricing to your customers on complicated projects, you consult with your project manager.


What’s expected of you?

It’s important that you have your own set of customers. Be actively engaged with your customers and understand their needs.

All financial aspects of the project are only between you and your client. We are not interested to know what you are charging from your client and how much profits you are making from each of the project.

Leave all the technical stuff for us, we are your work force and you are our face.


What do I get as a Reseller?

50% of Mazevo’s revenue is generated through its Resellers network. Our commitment is to provide excellent service to you.
We provide Fair Pricing – Our prices across our entire Reseller network are basically uniform. Little to no guess work.

Project Management – Your project manager works on your behalf and is the liaison between you and your team here. Worry free!

Timely Completion – Fast turnaround and continuous communication.

Quality – Attention to detail and quality of service

Integrity – Transparency and honesty


The Benefits

There are numerous benefits of being a Reseller with Mazevo-

Copyright – Lies solely with you, the Reseller.

Non Inclusion – You retain your projects. They do not become a part of our portfolio.

No Branding – Services rendered shall bear the Reseller’s name.

Secrecy – We assure complete confidentiality. Your client will never know the project was completed by us.

Returns – Profits! Profits! Profits! The differential between what you pay to us and what you charge to your client is your profit.



We will give you a free quote at reseller prices, most likely you will be able to see few similar Job’s which we have already done in past, which in turn you can show your clients.